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If you are still operating your business as a sole proprietor…

…you don’t know Jack!

Does my present business entity provide asset protection and optimum tax efficiency?

Whether you are just starting a business, or are already well established, planning your entity and tax structure is a critical part of achieving the lowest effective tax rate for both you and your company.

For those who are not incorporated, doing so in Nevada provides asset protection as well as the potential for significant tax benefits compared to being a sole proprietor.

Allow Jack to help you find “your Nevada corporate solutions” – he’ll explain why incorporating in Nevada should be a major consideration and how our sister company, Campbell Jones Cohen CPA’s, can help you capitalize on the potential tax savings it provides.

Let Jack explain the different tax benefits that exist in the various types of business entities; you might be surprised what an impact a corporation versus an LLC can have on your tax liability. The choice of entity is not a “one size fits all” situation, but rather a carefully measured decision based on the facts and circumstances surrounding your company. A one-to-one dialogue is essential and, more often than not, this type of discussion does not take place in most companies that provide online incorporating.

Why should I choose ‘your Nevada corporate solutions’?

The objective of our firm is to meet a specific demand for a personalized, customer focused service for small businesses. All your incorporation, asset protection and tax requirements can be dealt with through one streamlined contact process. Our strength is delivering a straight speaking, plain English approach.

Let Your Nevada Corporate Solutions help you to create business credibility, asset protection and the ultimate in tax efficiency with a legal business entity under the unique statutes of Nevada law.